Worms & Tea

Wyatt & Wilma’s Worm Tea is a natural, pure method of feeding your garden, potted plants, and grass.  Generations have used worm tea to naturally enhance your cultivated plants.  No chemicals, no synthetic ingredients–Simply mother nature at it very best! Learn more about the benefits of worms here. Also, take a look at our frequently asked questions about worms at this page.

Wyatt & Wilma’s Tea comes from a worm farm located in Upstate NY.  Our worms are fed a specially formulated blend of natural nutrients.  The worms love the food, enjoy the company, and reproduce continually.  Most importantly they produce gallons of worm tea that will help your plants grow! We also offer Night crawlers for your fishing needs.

Worm Tea in the Fall

As summer moves to fall, adding Wyatt & Wilma’s Worm Tea to your garden will help to ensure nutrients are in your soil  for the spring.  Also, adding it to your delicate plants to them through the tough winter is always a good choice.  Lastly, do not forget about your potted plants or your indoor seedlings–the results will be amazing.

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