FAQ about Worms

Q: How do I use your Wyatt and Wilma Worm Tea?

A: Watering your plants and grass with worm tea is a natural way to help your plants health.  Worm tea is a great byproduct of worm farming and is one of the richest foods to give your plants and vegetables.  Take your Wyatt and Wilma worm tea concentrate and water it down with in a 5 to 1 ratio either in a sprayer or in another container.  A sprayer is a great way to introduce the worm tea on the leaves as well as in the soil of your garden, potted plants, or lawn.  For larger applications you may want to consider pouring the worm tea into the soil.  Either way you decide to apply the worm tea, make sure you get an even coverage and that you do not over do it.  A little bit goes a long way.  Generally, an application every 7-10 days will provide the food your plants need.  It will soak into the soil and provide some great nutrition for your plants.

Q: What is the difference? Worm Tea, Compost Leachate, Vermitea, Worm Poop Tea, Liquid Gold, Vermicast Tea, Worm Castings Tea, Worm Liquor… etc, etc.

A: Natural plant additives can be confusing, let alone all the varieties of worm based products. Wilma and Wyatt’s tea is 100% water introduced to the extracts of worm castings. Some “worm teas” are brewed, concentrated, oxygenated, and other foods introduced to increase healthy microbes. Wilma and Wyatt are all about nature. Water flows in and around our worms and the nutrients are deposited into our “tea”, letting worms and water do what they do best! — No heating, additives, concentrates or other trickery.

Q: What are the Benefits of Wilma and Wyatt’s Worm Tea?

A: See our benefits page!